Relax is a key role in the pursuit of wellness.

The Estate offers the only useful formula for the Re-Form of our body: Relax, Fitness & Sports, Proper Nutrition. These are the essential elements for the construction of a path which leads to an improvement in our health.

The Estate, not contaminated by chemical agents, offers healthy walks along scenic nature trails which goes for more than 10 km from the Relais to the Lake of Martignano.

In the Massage rooms you'll find Staff members specialized in many different treatment techniques; this is another recommended step to be used in the construction of a route of healthyness.

Proper Nutrition, which is provided by the Restaurant of the Hotel thanks to its respect towards seasonality of food, should be considered essential for healthyness not only during the stop in this Resort. The help of a Nutrition Expert can be provided on demand by the structure.