The Country Relais

The Country Relais I Due Laghi is a charm destination, a cozy country house, not far from Rome identifiable as “pleasant and very reserved place”. It's surrounded by a green garden which continues in the big pasture of the Estate where, often, guests like to jog or take relaxing walks through herds of cows, horses and wild animals.

The charming atmosphere which comes from a classic and very elegant forniture is strengthened by the warm and familiar welcome given by each Staff member.

Both the Hotel and Restaurant are the result of a fascinating restoration of a disused cowshed, started in the early 80s, and directly created and curated by the Landowners.

It accommodates 23 comfortable rooms, 7 Junior Theme Suites - Etruscan, Medieval, Ocean Italian '800 , Blue Suite, the Suite of Flowers and Suite Garibaldi.

Lounges, terraces and equipped green areas are ideal spaces for reading, relaxing and conversations with fellow travelers.