The 0 Km Organic Farm

In the 120-acre I Due Laghi Organic Farm, Sheep, goats and cows graze freely among the hills which dominate the two lakes of Bracciano and Martignano. The Estate has three Italian breeds historically recognized and included in the national herd books: the Maltese Sicilian Goats, Sheep of Sardinia and Cows of Maremma. Natural pastures and self produced hay constitute the basic food of the animals and determine the certified quality of the organic products: ICEA REG.N. ITICAG1309

Goat Milk is appreciated since long time for its high nutritional value and hypoallergenic characteristics which distinguish it for the realization of excellent dairy products. Highly digestible, both in natural and processed form, it is ideal for everyone and particularly suitable for children, the elderly, convalescents and people intolerant to other types of milk. Zeus itself was suckled by the divine goat named amalthea. The milk of the maltese goats bred in the estate is particularly suitable for cheese yield (20/22%), quality and taste. The grass of the natural pastures and hay give a very special taste and aroma to the cheese, making it delicate and tasty at the same time. The transformation takes place in the dairy farm using fresh whole milk, rennet, lactic ferments, certified organic spices and salt. All this means maximum traceability and short chain.

The organic farm “I Due Laghi” exists since 1980. Since the beginning, due to a choice in which we strongly believe, we respect nature and its times. For this reason, parts and lactations follow the biorhythms of animals (we do not induce oestrus artificially, nor force milk production). Kids and lambs are suckled by their mothers until weaning. The lactating period for the goats runs from February to October, the sheep's one from September to April. Therefor the production of cheeses goes accordingly. The respect of the harmony of natural balances translates into a quality guarantee for the consumer's health.