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The restaurant La Posta de’ Cavalieri proposes a healthy and genuine cookery of the territory, exalting the farm-products.


…Food is culture, and culture is history. The Restaurant organizes on request, for small groups, events such as Pasta Party, Wine Tasting, Visit to the Dairy. It will be a Voyage of Discovery.

- Pasta Party is a live show regarding the history of pasta. Signora Assunta, our Pasta Maker, will show you how to do it, with its ingredients, shapes and colours ; soon after a Gourmet Dinner will be served, with three kinds of pasta.

- Wine & Cheese Tasting is an historical roundup about the origin of wine in Etruria ( Ancient Tuscany ). This region was the meeting point of the vine cultivation among the ancient Greeks, native Etruscans and the Romans. A taste of these wines will follow.

- Visit to the Dairy and the goats breeding refers to one of the former works of man. Farming and
cheese making, in the Roman countryside, is still a widespread tradition.


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