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He leads an important humanitarian association, and is the chief of a company which is pledged on finance. Moreover, he was the president of the Lazio Basket team for 20 years and today he is the Honorary President of it. At the “Due Laghi”, he is the President of the Cirlce and the Master of the Hunt. This is a virtual hunt, of age-long traditions and rules. The duration is of about 2-2,5 hours, and the route measures 30 kms. The natural and artificial obstacles are approximately 100; they become selected each time, with the possibility for everybody to avoid the jump, if retained.  
The pack of the “Due Laghi” includes 18 pairs of hounds, namely harriers belonging to the best Anglo-Irish genealogy. The Quadruped-sector can rely upon 50 elements comprehending Irish draft, hunters and Maremman horses, while the breeding consists in 25 elements.The operative staff is formed by: Tiziana Maria Corradi, who is a perfect Field Master,    
I Due Laghi Field's with Pack of Hounds, the butteri and the Pony Club.
Stefano Simeoni and Hetem Sinani, two pleasing and diligent guides who also are whipper in, Petre Butacu and Maurizio Avincola, two conscientious assistants who are employed in the hunt support and in the circle activities. Of great importance, employed in the Young Horses sector, we have Pierpaolo Quagliarello, an emergent competition rider who is submitted to the cares of Maini/Nizza, and whose achievements will be soon well-known.
The impeccable Matteo Marzano is employed on public relations, together with the vulcanic Federico Buonarroti.
It needs to be underlined that the “Due Laghi” focuses the attention of international observers and experts for its regimen of maintenance and horses care, for the innovative technics in the therapeutic field and, moreover, for its soft Horsebreaking and its training methods of high level for what concerns horses and hounds.
Therefore, given the matured experience as school and B.H.S. (British Horse Society) examination centre, the “Due Laghi” began the procedure to become a University for Horsemanship, being able to grant internationally recognized diplomas.
We wish to the “Due Laghi” all the best for an excellent 2003/2004 sports season, because of its first-rate programs and both its genuine passion and zeal.
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