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Another new thing of the day, as well a tradition of yesterday, is represented by the herdsmen. They participate to the Hunt on horseback and Tommaso Eusepi, the last representative man of the Maremma who is called by everybody “Rampichino”, leads the group: he is the soul of it. “Rampichino is the Maremma” say the English, putting his pictures into a book on horses, which was published in England and was dedicated to the Maremman guy.
“Rampichino” came to the “Due Laghi” in 1987 bringing a group of Maremman brood mares of great genealogy, which generated the actual Maremman body of the “Due Laghi” breeding. Eusepi’s return is greatly appreciated.
Federico Nizza isn’t a novelty at the “Due Laghi”. His name is well-impressed in the memory of all the basketball lovers for having walked the boards of national and international parquets for 15 years, collecting innumerable presences in the Italian national for 10 years. He is a gentleman who faces with a firm convinction every mission,    
The Master Federico Nizza during I Due Laghi Drag Hunt.
both in the sportive and professional fields. He leads an important humanitarian association, and is the chief of a company which is pledged on finance. Moreover, he was the president of the Lazio Basket team for 20 years and today he is the Honorary President of it.
At the “Due Laghi”, he is the President of the Cirlce and the Master of the Hunt.
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