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Breeding animals in the Roman Tuscia, hence in the Biological Property of the “Due Laghi”, belongs to a tradition which survives since the Neolithic era.
In fact, the prehistoric lake village of the Marmotta, which is about 1 km far from the property, dates back approximately 8500 years ago, when the human being evolved from a nomad into a permanent form of society, discovering agriculture and breeding.
About four hundred animals (horses, cows of the Maremma, goats of Malta and Sicily and sheeps) feed on the possession.

The horses are destined both to the training and riding in the Horse-riding club, while the other animals refournish, with their meat and cheese, the restaurant “La Posta de’ Cavalieri”.
Types of cheese like “ricotta”, “first salt” cheese, mature and spiced cheese, all based on goat’s milk, are produced in the cheese factory and can be also sold outside of the property.

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